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Binance Word Of the Day

Binance Word Of The Day – Answer

  • What is WOTD?

Word of the Day is an educational game that gives you an overview of crypto and Web3. Here you just need to guess the words to get the knowledge of the Web3 concept according to the given Topic. Users can play this game daily, as a new word will be posted each day.

User can earn points  by guessing correct  WOTD and later these points can be redeemed into USDT vouchers.

Binance Word of the Day Answer Today 5 April 2024

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THEME:      Bitcoin Halving

Read selected articles to learn more about this topic and participate in this week’s Word. Users who get at least five correct answers will each receive a Binance Word of the Day.

Three Letter Binance WODL Answer

  • BTC
  • PAY
  • FEE

Four Letter Binance WODL Answer

  • NODE
  • DATA
  • MINT
  • FOUR
  • MINE

Five Letter Binance WODL Answer


Six Letter Binance WODL Answer


Seven Letter Binance WODL Answer


Eight Letter Binance WODL Answer

  • How to play?

Guess the Word of the Day in 6 tries.
After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was.

Rewards Information

Users with 5 wins will be eligible to receive a share of the 500,000 in Binance points!


I hope this information will help you for playing today’s Binance Crypto Word . For latest updates daily visits our website.

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