Is Welding a good job?

Is There a Job for Welding?


Finding the ideal job can be a challenge in a world where professional opportunities appear limitless. While some people have their sights set on careers as doctors, attorneys, or teachers, others may have other goals in mind. Welding is an industry that frequently goes unnoticed but should be recognized. Yet, is welding a decent profession? Let’s investigate this fascinating area and weigh its advantages.

Why do people weld?

The technique of attaching two or more pieces of metal together by using pressure and heat to forge a solid connection is known as welding. It is essential to several sectors, including manufacturing, oil and gas, aircraft, automotive, and construction.

The Advantages of Welding:

1. Wealthy Career Possibilities

Welding offers outstanding chances if financial security is a priority. Welders with competence get lucrative compensation due to the significant demand for their services. Specialized welding skills are in more demand as technology develops, creating a variety of work options with alluring compensation packages.

2. Employment Security

Welders can rest easy knowing their talents will never go out of demand due to the expanding infrastructure needs of the world. Government spending on building projects will drive up demand for welders. Furthermore, the demand for welders will only increase when seasoned workers retire, making job security a crucial benefit of this profession.

3. Practical work

Welding is the ideal occupation for people who appreciate using their hands and detest the routine of office labour. When you work as a welder, you get to perform unusual projects that call for creativity, accuracy, and problem-solving abilities. Every day, new chances and challenges for personal development arise.

4. Continuous Learning

The field of welding is constantly developing, with new methods and tools appearing frequently. You put yourself at the forefront of technical breakthroughs by choosing a career in welding. This implies that throughout your career, you will be enhancing your skill set and picking up new techniques.

5.  Job Diversity

The employment possibilities for welders are endless, ranging from building pipelines to building bridges. You can opt to specialise in a variety of welding procedures, such as stick welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, or underwater welding, if you’re looking for variety in your profession. You won’t ever get bogged down because of the trade’s adaptability.

6. Possibility of Starting a Business

You have the option to launch your own business if you are a proficient welder. With expertise and industry knowledge, you can target particular markets or develop unique welding solutions. Being your own boss gives you the independence and flexibility that come with being an entrepreneur, as well as the ability to establish your own hours and choose your own projects.

7. Worldwide Possibilities

Welders are required everywhere since welding is a universal skill. Working as a welder can open doors to opportunities abroad if you have a desire to travel. Welders are in demand everywhere, whether it is on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or a skyscraper in a busy city, allowing you to encounter various cultures.

Starting a Welding Career

There are a number of routes you can follow to launch your career if welding has caught your attention. You can choose from complete welding programme at trade schools, community colleges, or vocational institutions. These courses give you practical instruction and arm you with fundamental welding skills, safety procedures, and industry standards knowledge.

What does a welder make in a year?

The typical monthly wage for a welder in the US is $3,709 as of July 18, 2023.

The majority of Welder salaries currently range between $3,166 (25th percentile) and $4,166 (75th percentile) across the United States, indicating there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience. ZipRecruiter reports monthly salaries as high as $5,000 and as low as $2,250.

According to recent job posts on ZipRecruiter, there is a strong demand for welders in Chicago, Illinois, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood. In your region, the average monthly wage for a welder is $3,762, which is $53 (1%) more than the $3,709 national average. Out of all 50 states in the US, California pays the highest wages for welders.

As millions of current jobs are listed locally around America, ZipRecruiter regularly searches our database to determine the most precise monthly wage range for Welder positions.

Today, use ZipRecruiter to find your next well-paying position as a welder.

What are the Top 10 Cities with the highest-paying welder jobs?

In ten cities that we’ve uncovered, the usual welder wage is higher than the national average.

The average salary in these ten places is higher than the national average; therefore, moving in order to grow financially as a welder seems to be incredibly beneficial.

The average pay in these top ten cities differs just slightly, by 8%, between San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA, supporting the limited opportunity for significant wage advancement. The ideal aspect to employ when weighing location and compensation for a welder’s career may be the potential for a cheaper cost of living.

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
San Francisco, CA $58,097 $4,841 $1,117 $27.93
Fremont, CA $56,031 $4,669 $1,077 $26.94
San Jose, CA $55,796 $4,649 $1,073 $26.83
Oakland, CA $55,040 $4,586 $1,058 $26.46
Antioch, CA $53,905 $4,492 $1,036 $25.92
San Francisco Bay Area, CA $53,858 $4,488 $1,035 $25.89
Lebanon, NH $53,564 $4,463 $1,030 $25.75
New York, NY $53,420 $4,451 $1,027 $25.68
Hayward, CA $53,299 $4,441 $1,024 $25.62
Seattle, WA $53,219 $4,434 $1,023 $25.59

In addition, apprenticeships are a great way to learn from seasoned welders while gaining practical experience. These programmes often mix classroom instruction with on-the-job training to provide students a well-rounded education.
Getting industry certifications after completing your degree or apprenticeship, like those provided by the American Welding Society (AWS), helps strengthen your credentials and show potential employers that you are proficient in your field.


For those looking for a stable, well-paying career that offers hands-on work, limitless learning possibilities, and job variety, welding is a terrific option. Welding gives people the freedom to blaze their own trails and has the ability to lead to business and international travel.
Is welding a decent job, then? Without a doubt, yeah! A gratifying and lucrative profession in welding allows you to have a positive impact on the world while securing your financial future. Accept the flames, follow your passion for metalworking, and become a proficient welder to open up a world of opportunities.


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